Friday, May 30, 2014

Wedding Quilt Blocks

Here's an update for you on how i am going with the wedding quilt blocks!

 I have decided that less is more with these, as you will see:-

So here is our butterfly - totally out of balance and looking very strange, but I have embroidered the "be unique" words which I feel explains everything!

In fact, I may have to remove these ones and make them larger, they seem a bit lost in the picture!

So next up is our Miss Sunbonnet Sue, wearing a beautiful purple velvet gown under a sikver something apron, and carrying a bunch of something.  

Don't make it easy for them is what I say!

These two hearts are my second in line favourites - very plain and simple.

Here's my first favourite , this beautiful ribbon with bugle beads and purple beads and purls. Another plain
 and simple one.

My crazy square, I still love it, even if it is off centre just a tad.  If you are looking at this Elizabeth, please don't hate me - you've got to admit it looks good - just needs a bit of creative positioning from you!

 Here is my fluffy ribbon bowy thingy - I am still sewing this one by hand, it's surpriseingly difficult to sew on the machine - or it is for me anyhow!  I'm enjoying doing it by hand and it will look pretty when it is finished. I think. Don't know what that stain is - will have to work on that...

So I have 2 more to go and at this stage at least one of them will be embroidered. Maybe 2.

So I think i've done fairly well, would you agree?


kiwikid said...

Looking good!!

Anonymous said...

Sharyn you have done very well, we missed you yesterday but hope you are feeling a lot better.
We worked on the squares Elizabeth had and it's looking great.
Next fortnight we thought we would visit Jean, will confirm well before then.
Please take care of yourself and have a great weekend.
Your blocks look wonderful......Lind xxxx

Diane-crewe said...

so glad you carried on with them .. because they look great x and will be part of a unique project xx well done x

Farm Gate Creations said...

They are coming along very nicely.

Anonymous said...

You know I don't do blogs Sharyn, but you did email & I thought I'd sticky beak! nearly done we'll have this quilt altogether before long! Do work on the stain - I don't have any spare material for the squares ooops! Eliz x

Funny Farm said...

Wow Sharyn you have been so busy with the wedding quilt blocks and they are looking amazing! I had better get on my bike and start moving lol.
ps hope you are feeling much better.

Jean xoxo