Wednesday, May 7, 2014

How to Delete Word Verification on Blogger

For those who have this word verification on their blog - here is the way to remove it, if you want to that is!

Lots of people use word verification, even I did once upon a time!  But I found it just frustrated my readers, so I removed it.  I have to add here, that once I removed it, there was no difference to the amount of spam I received. Spam does seem to go in cycles, and I have my blog set so that I actually review comments before they are posted, every few days. That's all I need to keep the idiots at bay!!

Anyhow, here's how I did it:-

  1. Click on "Settings" on your blogger dashboard (it's on the bottom of the list that comes up under settings)
  2. Click on "Post and Comments"
  3. Click on "Show Word Verification" change the "Yes" to a "no".
Then if you want to look at comments before they are posted (I find this is easiest, if you are worried about spam)

  • Under the "Settings" menu, click on "Comment Moderation"
  • Your choices are "always"  "sometimes", click on "sometimes
  • You then tell the Blog how long between days that you moderate eg. 2 days means that comments will be seen by you every 3rd day, and you can check them and delete spam or anything before it  gets posted.
That's it, it's pretty easy really.  Let me know if you have any problems, or you can't understand what I've said!

                                                                   'cos I think it's cute!!

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Moose-ings said...

Perfect, it worked! Thank you!!