Saturday, May 24, 2014


Hi everyone, glad you stopped by to look at this post!

I have been embroidering my little heart out while sitting in the evenings with the television droning in the background.  I am really enjoying getting back into stitching - I love so many of the new embroidery designs available, though I am also going to work on some vintage finds from the web, that will be fun!

So, first things first:-

Does anyone like Breaking Bad? I love it, so of course this is number 1 - still to be hung in my sewing room.

Number 2 is this gorgeous young lady - copied from pinterest (isn't it a wonderful world?).  I love her, and she is already hanging on the pinboard in the sewing room!

These two young ladies are number 3 for the week - hot off the hoop!

I am having so much fun doing these embroideries, it is great to find something that I can see to do in the evening now.  The old eyes are not going so well i'm afraid.

So now, I'll be embroidering the wedding quilt blocks  - so I will show you the difference in them when I finish!

Tomorrow, we are invited to a birthday bbq, so will take some shots to show. Hopefully my grandchildren will be there!

Will be back tomorrow evening for show n tell!  See you then...


kiwikid said...

Beautiful stitcheries, you have been very busy!!

Diane-crewe said...

isn't it great to have something to do rather than watching the same old TV xx I have taken to knitting .. after MANY years off .. and am re-discovering the fun of it xx

Rachaeldaisy said...

Oh my golly you're stitcheries are SOOOO cute!! I can't believe how many you've made. I've got something I want embroider but I've been putting it off but it's inspiring seeing you just do it. Ps I love Breaking Bad too!

Funny Farm said...

I love the vintage look this embroidery has. It could have come straight from the 30s.

Jean xoxo