Saturday, May 24, 2014

A Wedding Quilt

my friend Elizabeth, is a part of our stitch n bitch group, and her son is getting married in August.

Elizabeth asked all of us if we would like to help her make a quilt for them as a wedding gift.  Of course we all said yes, and now the time is getting closer and I am madly stitching to get my 8 blocks finished.

There are 5 of us, and each of us is doing 8 blocks.  The brides favourite colours are silver and purple.   Elizabeth has supplied the fabric blocks, already backed with batting, and an assortment of scraps of  the colours required, and we have added bits and bobs, and virtually designed our own blocks.

So this is what I have done so far :- some more work needs to be done, but so far ALMOST everything has turned out ok!

This crazy block is sideways in the picture, and I notice now that it is not centred!  It is so firmly attached now - it's the only block I have completely finished - the thought of unpicking anything leaves me cold!

Isn't it strange, how you work on a block and finish it up thinking it is right, then you stand back and find it's not!! Happens to me all the time!! I'm always just in too much of a hurry to get on with the next thing - also I am a bit slap dash, if you follow my drift!!

I'm going to leave this one, Elizabeth will be doing the final assembly, so I'm leaving it for her to think about, I just CAN"T!!!

Here's two hearts - at least they're centred!!  I will hand sew some beads and sequins, along with some pretty bows on these, and they will be complete.

I am pleased with my Sunbonnet Sue, she also needs some hand embroidered flowers in her hands and some sewing on her chiffon sleeves. Then she will be finished.

I'm very pleased with this ribbon, also. I have machine edged the silver (or grey) ribbon onto the block, and tonight I will hand sew the purple thingo on and then it is done.

I have saved the best till last!

Isn't this a disaster!!  I somehow have managed to completely stuff this one up!!  I think his right wing needs replacing, maybe it's whole body - what do  you think?

What do you think I can get away with on this one?  All help appreciated.

I was going to sit tonight and embroider the antenna on, and some veins in the wings and also add some sequins and beads but I'm thinking it needs some refurbishment first! If you agree, please offer some how to's, won't you? I am just so P****d off about this one!

I have only one two more blocks after these, so I hope I can get them all done by next Thursday, when I see Elizabeth.

I've got some more embroidery to show you, I'll put it on another post after this one.


kiwikid said...

Love all your blocks, I would just embellish the butterfly, after all nature is not perfect!!

Diane-crewe said...

what a wonderful idea .. hey! nature does not make things perfect .. that's man who tries .. embellish the butterfly and stop writing! Your friend wants your INDIVIDUALITY to shine through .. so stop stressing .. and enjoy xx