Friday, June 14, 2013

The Haunted House

On our big trip, I decided that I had to go and look at this haunted house that my step daughter had told me about a long time ago.

So on the Friday afternoon, 4 of us hopped into the car and off we drove to Junee, a trip of about an hour.

We headed for an old house called Monte Cristo.

Christopher William Crawley originally took u p the land in 1876.

The original homestead was built in 1876, which became the servants quarters and kitchen when the main house was built in 1884.

The dairy and the stables were also built at this time.
The homestead remained in the Crawley family until 1948, the original contents of the house were sold at auction in 1952 and the house became derelict.

The homestead and remaining estate remained in the Crawley estate until purchased by the present owners, Reg and Olive Ryan on 3rd June 1963.

They are restoring the old home back to its former glory, and filling it with antique furniture.

A glorious old house isn't it?

The top veranda of the house

On the side of the top veranda are the steps leading back down to the first floor level, and a bedroom

The view from the top veranda - beautiful gardens and country.

This is the bedroom off the top veranda, it was originally a box room, but later became a chapel.

The kitchen and servants quarters

This building was originally the dairy and later became the caretakers office. These are Alan's grand daughters, Melanie and Sarah.

The same cottage inside

Leeanne, Melanie and Sarah standing outside the coach house

There are lots of old coaches and vehicles on display

This was a room in a stable hands little cottage and I found this the very strangest room - I felt someone walk over my grave when I looked in here!      Even looking at this picture gives me the same feeling!

 There are many tales told about this beautiful old house - one is about the family going out for the night and leaving no one at home - when they returned to the house later that night, all the lights in the house were on, and they had been off when they had left and locked up the house!!

That's said to have happened twice more.

Lots of tales of people appearing in photographs and walking along hallways and up and down stairs.  We didn't see any of that!

If you are interested, check out this site for more information about this old property.


Diane-crewe said...

glad you did not meet the ghost! I have never had an proof of their presence.. but who knows x lol looks like a beautiful house xx

Shelly Jack said...

How Cool! Thanks for sharing this. I am secretly obsessed with ghost hunter and ancient alien shows! Can't wait to check this site out =)

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful place, love places like that, very interesting....Linda x