Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Big Trip Part1

Well, we are finally back home and not yet all unpacked, but that's not about to go anywhere!

I've been sorting through the cameras, and unfortunately I haven't done a real good job of naming places, so I'll do my best with what I've got! i don't want to bore you to tears, so I'll split the trip into bite sized sections, aren't I thoughtful?

Day 1 was Sunday 26th May, when we packed up the vehicle and headed onto the road - well it sounds dramatic!! The scenery getting to Cunninghams Gap from our home is pretty nondescript - I only took this one photo!

We have to travel almost out to Ipswich, then turn left to follow the Cunningham Highway up to the Gap.

*Cunninghams Gap is Cunninghams Gap is a pass over the Great Dividing Range between the Darling Downs and the Fassifern Valley in Queensland, Australia. The Gap is the major route over the Scenic Rim. The Cunningham Highway was built to provide road transport between the two regions.
It is situated in Main Range National Park, between the peaks of Mount Cordeaux and Mount Mitchell. On a clear day the pass forms a distinct break in Main Range's profile as seen from Brisbane.
The highway itself is a scenic drive although steep with an 8 degree grade on the descent.
In 1827, Allan Cunningham set out from the upper Hunter River, to explore west of the Dividing Range, discovering the Darling Downs; returning in 1828 from Brisbane to discover Cunninghams Gap.[1] He was aware of the economic benefits that a link between the coast and pastoral lands to the west would provide.[2] Cunningham travelled on the right hand side of the Gap whereas the highway today runs on the lefthand side from Aratula.

I'm always a little bit scared going over the Gap, it is well known for bad accidents where it can be closed for days, but unfortunately, it is the fastest way to get where we want from where we are!

This old truck stop marks the top and has been there for years.

Traveled through Warwick, and on to Goondiwindi, where we joined the Newell Highway

Gunsynd statue.JPG

We stopped at Goondiwindi for the night, birthplace of a once very famous racehorse - the Goondiwindi Grey, Gunsynd.

We were up and travelling early the following morning

Day 2 - The sign post says it all!!

Lots of long dead straight driving - not really much to look at and really quite boring...

 We were heading for Dubbo, and in a hurry! More tomorrow!
* Information from Wikipedia.

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