Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Big Trip part 2

Well today is an exciting day for us all, today is about Dubbo!

Of course when I say Dubbo,  I mean Dubbo Zoo!

We spent two nights in Dubbo, travelling to the zoo for the last two days, the Zoo is only just outside the town.  The Dubbo Zoo ( Taronga Western Plains Zoo)   is a part of Taronga Park Zoo in Sydney.  It houses African animals in a natural like setting, and is a breeder of endangered wild species along with Taronga.

Some quick pics from the zoo ( no more than 10 a post,  promise!)

So here we are, at the entrance to the Zoo.

administration and shops and souvenir places (of course!).  
         You can drive your own car around the Zoo, or you can hire bicycles or little cars like golf carts to drive around.  We drove ourselves.

There are lots of walking tracks, and the displays of animals look like they are free on the landscape, it's not until you look closely that you see the wide water traps and wires around all the pens - they have utilized  changes in the level of the ground to contain animals also - it is all very well thought out.

On with the animals!

Some mountain goat things on rocks!

Some mountain goats on the ground

Gorgeous giraffes - they have the most beautiful eyes! Isn't the baby adorable - they are two metres tall at birth!!

Some lovely horned creatures lying around - sorry, but I didn't get everyone's names

If you look really closely at the above picture, you can just see the Hippopotamus swimming in their pool!

One gorgeous rhinoceros bottom!

I reckon the first rhinoceros was practicing for this picture!

Some noisy noisy geese.

That's it, 10 pictures.  Click on them to get a closer look, won't you!
Tomorrow night we travel on for part 3 


Diane-crewe said...

thanks for the picture xx My daughters partners step-father (still with me?) comes from Duddo and she has visited .. sadly for a funeral... but nice to see an area she has visited... gotta love a good zoo x We have Chester zoo about 40 mins away from us .. one of the best in europe.. must go again soon x

Anonymous said...

Great photos Sharyn.....nice to have you back though.
Linda x