Monday, June 10, 2013

The Big Trip part 3

Still continuing on at the   Dubbo Zoo:

Don't forget to click on the pictures and they will enlarge so that you can see them clearer:-

Here's the Cheetah, having a nice little rest in the sun

The elephants all have logs in their pens, and they pull the bark off with their trunks and eat it - I never knew they did that!

Now to the best of the lot - the tigers

This handsome young tiger is named Satu and he is quite relaxed here, thank you!

This tigers name is Juara, and he is the oldest male tiger at the park.

He weighs in at 150 kgs

Here's me again, feeding him his morning tea - talking away to him like he is a kitten!

So stunningly beautiful up close - just look at the size of those paws!
The tigers are fed 6 days a week and on the seventh day they fast. A lot of the feeding is done by us silly people who pay to do it!!  But it was just so worth it....

The zoo is thinking of breeding Juara next year.

This tigers name is Indah, and she was hand raised  at Alma Park Zoo in Queensland

It is interesting to look at the differences in laws between New South Wales and Queensland - in New South Wales, no keeper is permitted to enter any enclosure with any wild cat.  No hand raising is allowed.
So even though Indah loves the keepers at Dubbo, they cannot pat her or touch her in any way.  She loves the keepers, and rubs herself against the wire  to try and get a pat. She is very affectionate.

Here she is again, lying in the grass in her enclosure behind the scenes.

The big cats get one day a week out of the spotlight so they can relax and feel normal.

Well that is it for tonight - i'll be back tomorrow with more info on our trip.

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