Saturday, July 7, 2012

A Winter’s Day

It has been a really horrid winter’s day here today.  Freezing cold wind that we have had for the past few days, and it is almost impossible to warm up, even when the sun is shining.
It is 20 degrees celsius in the house as I write, but a good 5 degrees cooler when you step outside. Not nice.

I have downloaded the July blocks for the Craftsy BOM, so I may get on with them tomorrow.

When the weather gets cold like this, I have to knit or crochet, it keeps the blood from freezing in my veins, so hop on over to the knitting and crochet page and take a look at what I have been doing.

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Bron said...

Winter is a good time to pick up the needles...hope the cold helps you keep creative. xx