Thursday, July 19, 2012

Been Busy!

Lots of things have been happening here - and little time to blog about them!

I'll catch you up with one thing though - this:-

Sorry this picture is a bit dark - you will see what I'm getting at shortly!

There's my ripple blanket to the left , that I have been crocheting in the evenings - nowhere to put it till it's finished! Can you see the little piece of tiled floor there?

I have to sew with all this mess around me! I usually do have a bit of untidiness, for want of anything better , let's call it "creative untidiness"!

And here is the answer to it all!  A new cupboard to assemble and use for storage (ie shove stuff into, to get it out of my way) Not really, this time I will be ruthlessly neat 'cos i can't find anything...

So of course now the sewing room needs to be stripped out and everything rearranged and perhaps a bit of a clean out.  It really is about time..

If I'm right, I have some quilting books that I might just have to have a give away for, and some other items . I really don't know what I will find through this, but I will keep you updated. 
So watch this space!!


Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

I think everyone should completely clean and organize their room at least once a year. It brings out the creative juices, and lets you find everything you lost, and forgotten about to. I love to tidy my space just to see what I find, and to get all the scraps together too.

Anonymous said...

Go on Sharyn you can do it.....You are so lucky to have such a big space to work in, I have a cupboard like yours and it's wonderful, because I sew in my laundry and it's not too big a laundry either....
I can only imagine what treasures you will find....enjoy...!!!!! Linda x

Anonymous said...

AND we need an "after" photo.....Linda x

Tanya said...

Nothing like a good clean up to get the creative juices flowing

Anonymous said...

I will have to get something else soon too my room is getting so cluttered it makes it a bit hard to motivate 'coz I have to tidy first lol.
Love Jeanie Beanie xoxox