Thursday, November 17, 2011

Some Finishes

I've finally finished up the Christmas table runner:

I think the gold spotted binding sets it off nicely.

I've also sewed a passport holder for us:

This is the outside.

and here is the inside.  Very simple and easy to use.

I've also made some hexagon flowers, but I forgot to take pictures, I'll show them to you tomorrow night.

It was over 30 degrees Celsius here again today, with no sign of rain until at least next Wednesday I'm told.  The poor garden would like to pull up roots and move to a cooler climate!  We've used up our tank water and are back to using town water on it in an attempt to keep things going.  This heat just started suddenly, and we are all feeling it badly, still I suppose it could be worse, Melbourne and Sydney are getting drowned with heavy rain - they should send some up here!

1 comment:

Renate said...

Your Christmas Table Runner is very beautiful. I cant believe, 1. Advent is in a week.
Have a nice day! Renate