Friday, November 4, 2011

Just a Note

Well, you really would not believe the evening I have had.   Got everything ready to sit and sew,  take pictures of my work and blog them....

No pictures - I had to change the thread in the sewing machine, so I pulled the one out and threaded the new thread on, after filling two bobbins.

Took the clear bobbin cover off and replaced the old thread with the new.  Dropped the plastic cover on the floor of the sewing room - searched, swept, couldn't find the cover.

Hit the foot of the machine with the broom, machine sewed madly on nothing, threaded bobbin jammed with thread tight all around it.  Removed thread from bobbin, lifted bobbin out to reposition it - dropped bobbin.  It   rolled and I heard it bounce.

Left sewing room in disgust and I'm on my way to the TV room to watch whatever is on.

So this is the blog for today.  See you later.


Maria said...

Oh Shaz some days nothing goes right. Hope there was something good on TV and you have a better day next time.

Wee Little Birds said...

Hope you find your bits. remember when I lost the screw from my machine for weeks.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear....not good....remember I lost my unpicker on Anne's floor, never to be found again...they must be where all the odd socks end up....Linda x