Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Hallo from me

Hi everyone, thought I would drop by and say hallo.

Of course I am back in hospital again with lung woes, but we won't go further into that one here!

I have 6 Hexagon Flowers to show but no picture, can you believe that ?  I can.  I forgot to grab the camera when I had to leave the house last night.  So I can't put pictures up until next One Flower Wednesday, and they are just SO cute:):):)  I'm sorry you are missing them tonight...

But never mind - let me find you a nice picture off my laptop, so it all hasn't been a waste -

Tommy at Coolum Beach - he loves the water

here's our beautiful Penelope cat

Here's Tommy with Priscilla when she was a baby ( she is 4 now)

and last but nor least  ta-da-da!
Merry Christmas!!

If you would like to see more One flower Wednesdays (with pictures and all!!), then head off to Karen at
Journey of a Quilter - One Flower Wednesday


Stray Stitches said...

I hope you are out of the hospital soon!
All of your furry friends are adorable!!

Lots of Fabric 2 said...

Hope you are feeling well love you pictures of furry friends love the all. Stay well

Birdie said...

Hope you feel better soon. Cute pets and that's an interesting leg in the background, oh to be in Australia for Christmas.

Karen said...

I look forward to seeing your flowers, get well soon!

Hilachas said...

I hope you're feeling better and better each day. I'm looking forward to seeing your hexies soon. Take care and be well.

Quilting Chemist (Danette) said...

Feel better soon! Your pets are adorable, so cute!

Wee Little Birds said...

We missed you today and we are so sad to hear you are back in hospital again. Get well soon.
Hugs Tanya