Saturday, November 26, 2011

A day in Hospital

Saturday morning,a wakened at 6 am for obs, nebulizer and pills ( gee they love this bit!)

7.30 breakfast - toast with jam, fruit and yoghurt, more pills, more puffers.  Shower and take a walk around the ward.  Talk  with Alan on the telephone, settle down and sort out the days sewing.

10.00am obs, nebulizer, cup of tea, back to sewing.  Are you seeing the routine happening here?

12 midday lunch, walk back to sewing.

2.00pm obs, nebuliser, back to sewing.

3.00 pm knock on door, nurse comes in with this:

Aren't they just gorgeous flowers, and with a monster box of Cadbury Favourites.

Liz told me that her "boys" had foregone their Schmacko money to help her pay for this gift, so it is from Liz, Benny and Bailey!!  Somehow I don't think that the boys would have had to fore go their sweet money, Liz  is too kind for that.

Just what do  you say to friends like that?

So back to 400 pm,  I'm getting tired and my fingers are sore from hand sewing, so I pack up and start some computer time and here we are:

The results of the days stitching, just had to give up in the middle of the last half inch hexie, he can wait until tomorrow now.  Have to surf!

I will be making this half inch hexie small quilt as I go, because I only have 30 half inch templates, and I'm already running out, so this might get put off soon and I'll go back to the inch hexies again.  That's the beauty of this hand sewing, you can pick it up and put it down as needs be.  I love it.

Well that's my boring first day even thought I got lots done, hopefully I can  go home in the middle of next week, I hope so anyhow, because it's a friends birthday and we were going out for a Chinese banquet.

I'll just stay positive.

I hope everyone had a nice Saturday.


Wee Little Birds said...

Hope you are out in time for your friends birthday. YUMMY Chinese.... Better than hospital food YUK.
Hugs Tanya

Anonymous said...

Hi Sharyn....sorry to hear you are still in hospital, but at least you are making good use of your time. I hope you are out very soon and feeling a lot better, we missed you last Thursday and look forward to seeing you when you are feeling up to it....
Linda xxx