Sunday, April 3, 2016

Word Photo Challenge 2016 Week 8

Welcome back everybody! Good to see you all again!

So, we have all had 2 weeeks to find our "unclutter" photo, how did you all go?

I had a bad fortnight, what with all the coming and going, and the rant! By the way, thank you for all your comments, I really appreciated everyone taking the time to talk me through that.  I have emailed everyone that I could email, and I have taken on board some wisdom. Thank you.

So anyhows, as I was saying, I have such clutter around me most of the time, I couldn't decide where to start! So i started with our home "office " area.  We have had to rearrange some furniture, so a lot of "stuff" got thrown into the "office" and left. So I have taken these pictures:

Just imagine how this room would look, if I actually got in there and UNCLUTTERED it!

This is through the doorway - it is only a small room and we keep a bed in here in case we need it - well, it used to be a futon, but that's out and those big long boxes contain a sindle metal bed frame, that will go along under the window.

Look at it!!!! It's the biggest mess!! I will begin to work on it tomorrow -- looks like a few days of shredding happening here! I might even show you a picture tomorrow night, of this same roon UNCLUTTERED!  Would you like that?

Bear in mind that my sewing room is in even a worse mess!

So, join in now by filling in my Mr Linky below, and then we can all see your photo of Uncluttered!!

If you are just passing through, join in below and we can all visit your blog as well!

See you tomorrow evening for the next weeks word.

Take care



Diane-crewe said...

that made me laugh xx It doesn't look cluttered to me at all!! I didn't know we had 2 weeks until AFTER I had posted so I am going to sort out a second picture for this week xx lol ... I checked FIRST this week lol x

kiwikid said...

Looking forward to the uncluttered photo, although like Diane it doesn't look too bad to me!!