Sunday, March 20, 2016

Word Photo Challenge 2016 Week 7

Welcome everyone!

The Mirriam Webster dictionary defines the word "thankful" as:-

Glad that something has happened or not happened, that something or someone existsOf, relating to, or expressing thanksconcsious of benefit receivedwell pleasedand I am also feeling quite philosophical this evening, because this morning  I found this on Facebook:

Yes, I am going against my own rules here, I dod not actually take this picture, , but I don't care today!

This says it all! and I agree!

So, join in now by filling in my Mr Linky below, and then we can all see your photo of Thankful!!

If you are just passing through, join in below and we can all visit your blog as well!

See you tomorrow evening for the next weeks word.

Take care


Diane-crewe said...

Well if rules are meant to be broken ... then do it with style xx And that is style xx Well done x

kiwikid said...

If you can't break your own rules then things are pretty rough!!! Great saying.

Janet said...

I didn't manage to get to a photo this week, but I am thankful that you did. I love this saying!