Sunday, February 1, 2015

The Old Picture Challenge 2015

Welcome to our first months' challenge, which was the word "Summer".

I found it to be a very interesting exercise, going through old photographs and deciding which ones meant the word to me.  It was really enjoyable, so anyhows, here are my Summer photographs, for your perusal.

Don't forget that there will be a winner for the best picture of the year, and also a runner up - so if you don't win one you may just get the other!!

Here we go:-

Please allow me this one foolish whimsy - I could not decide on which summer flowering tropical plant i would use to represent     Summer, so I have used this colouring chart to represent them all!  Especially the hibiscus and the queen of flowers, the Frangipani (Frannies to those in the know!!)

Of course, I could not resist showing the Bat Plant again! It is an amazing plant that means late Summer here.

and for my last photo this month, from 2011, I give you long summer meals shared with lots of friends on a Sunday afternoon - lots of talk, wine fun and laughter.

That is Summer in a nutshell to me!

Long lazy days spent with friends!

While we are here, the word for February is :- "Nightmare". 

I'm sure that will be interesting.  Don't forget, you can always refer to all the so called "Rules" HERE if you need to check up on them!

So sign up below with the Mr Linky, and show your old pictures to represent Summer to you!!

See you later and take care.

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