Sunday, February 8, 2015

Busy Sunday in the Garden

Hallo all, I'm glad you have dropped by!

As usual, this post is picture heavy - to show what Alan & I were up to today out in the garden! One of the hottest, sunniest, most humid days, we decide to work out in the garden. I suppose it's our way though!

So let's start with the pictures and a running commentary on what's happening:-

I repotted these plants into larger pots ( breaking one in the process, unfotunately

Here's the piece I broke off the top - I am letting it dry out and will pot it up soon - then we will have 2 of them!

I thought that I had lost the mint that was growing in this pot - but if you look closely , you can see it coming on again - so plenty of water for it now!!

Here is the bali Hut with no furniture - Alan is preparing the timber for re - oiling tomorrow.

and here is a closer look at the re potted plants - you can see the top missing from the back one!

Back to the entrance to the back garden - we have been pulling all the large ferns from around the cycad here - can you see the flower bud forming in the middle of the plant?  All the ferns were smothering the poor thing - still have plenty more to pull out though.

So, walking around the garden in a clockwise direction - look to your right and here is a new baby Eureka Lemon tree - can't wait for him to grow up - I LOVE lemons!!

Behind the lemon is this Bird of Paradise - this is the first time this one has flowered, moving it must have helped!

On the other side of the walk way is my lovely Oak Leaf Frangipani - it has flowered well this year.

Along the back fence, the ferns are doing well - all weeded and watered, The  self sewn ferns on the palm trunk now need to be removed - can you see how the trunk is beginning to shed it's bark? So there's another job for tomorrow!

The corner at the back of the Bali Hut - the bromeliads here have grown massively since I planted them - I think they must love the spot under the Golden Canes!

 My Lavender and Rosemary I am growing in pots - they have been potted on into larger pots also.

So we are now collapsing inside, after visiting the dog park and having our dinner here at home - it has been a very long hot day!

Take Care

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