Sunday, March 16, 2014

the Triffids Have Returned!!!

Run for the hills! They're ba-aack!!!

For those in the know, the black bat plants are flowering again, so I thought you might like to see - there is only one flower so far, but there are many more buds waiting:-

Notice how he is hiding his face, so we won't recognize him??

Also, along the same lines, another Hoya has decided that the roof is the ideal spot to flower from:-

This Hoya Carnosa, even though it is normally a prolific flowerer, decided that if the Royal Hawaiian could do it, then so could she!

Not quite as pretty as the other, but at least  she has more flowers!

Be back with my Week 9 picture shortly

1 comment:

kiwikid said...

Love the hoya, my Mum had one in a basket that did the same thing, but was behind a pipe on the house..the nest flowers were up high and behind, so hard to see!