Sunday, March 16, 2014

Saturdays Scraps on Sunday

Hi everyone, had no time yesterday to blog - we were at our friends 80th Birthday party, and boy, did she have a ball!

It was wonderful to see her so happy, but of course I didn't take my camera to photograph her, so you'll just have to believe me on that!

Anyhow, have some great pics to show you of things i have worked on this week - well, a few of them anyhows!

I have been working on Puffss for the seat, made some storage bags for my sewing room, and went on a net trip, and found Victoria Findlay Wolfe's blog, 15 Minutes Play.

So above is my 9th 6 1/2 inch block, using her instructions. Here's the rest:-

There's the other 8, with the 9th in the corner! I think these are a fabulous way to use up scraps, and I think also that the finished quilt will be stunning.

So, I'm only doing a couple a day, and already I am feeling quite relaxed with the process and getting faster. Looking forward to the next 90 or so!!

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