Saturday, March 1, 2014

Saturdays Scraps

Hi everyone! Welcome to Saturdays Scraps, have something interesting to share with you tonight.

Before I go any further, I dislike these ads that have suddenly appeared on this blog, and am trying to have them removed as I type.  So rest assured they will not be here for long.

Alan's seat in the TV room is very hard, with not much padding. So I decided to make a puff quilt to put on it and hopefully make it more comfortable.

My puffs are not too large, because I felt that large ones would flatten too quickly and be uncomfortable, so my backing is simply unbleached calico cut into 3 1/2" squares

The tops are scrappy ( of course) and cut at 5 1/2"

It is really fun putting them together, and stuffing them with fibrefill then sewing them shut. I'm getting quite fast at it now, I don't even use pins to hold them and I do the pleats also without pinning!

I sewed 7 of them together and did it with the seam at the back of the block, because I was going to line the back with another fabric but I then changed my mind because that was too hard! So I unpicked those blue ones in the picture and did this instead:-

I'm doing a sort of raggy puff quilt, joining the squares to the front so I don't have to line the back because it will be smooth now. I have some ideas in mind to make the assembly of these babies even more simple, so I'll work on it, and if you say you would like to know, I'll do a little tutorial on it through the week.

So sign up below and show us what scrappy goodness you have been up to lately!


Kelly @ Blue Bird Sews said...

That's a great use for scraps, and cushy too! :)

Becky said...

Wow, I've not heard of a puff quilt. What a cool idea!