Saturday, January 18, 2014

Saturdays Scraps

Hello everyone, welcome to Saturday Scraps ,I have a few things to show you tonight - perhaps you have some things to show as well??

My Green Tea and Sweet Beans is coming along very well - here i am up to the clamshell sewing - they're devils, those clamshells, not at all easy to get along with!
They will probably all end up crooked, and it won't be my fault, they just won't cooperate!!

Now before we look at the following photographs, I have never made flying Geese! Do you believe that? Truely, I have never done them because I thought they were too hard to sew, but then I was looking at UTube one day, and there were all these videos on sewing flying geese, so of course I had to try following a bit on making 4 geese at a time.

Don't ask me for instructions, but it works! and it's pretty fast! and they turned out not too bad!

The colours in these pink ones are too close together to see whats happening really, so I will use this one for a bag for my friend who is undergoing chemo at the moment for bowel cancer.  

She uses the bag to hold the tube of drugs that she has to wear constantly.  This size will make a bag - I simply make a lining to fit (I add a pocket to the lining), and a long handle to go over her shoulder and across her chest, and she is perfectly comfortable with them, so of course I am glad to make them up for her.

These geese are made the same way - I will be making something with these ones and also the next ones:

 I made these ones individually, which I do not recommend, takes too long and they come out different sizes!
I'm really not that in to measuring every single piece of fabric when I make anything!!

But these will become something on the new little OOps!! I almost forgot, !!I can't tell you what they will become, because they haven't become it yet and that will give the game away!!!

Anyhow that's me for this week, feel free to join in with the Linky below!


Farm Gate Creations said...

I think that you have done a fantastic job all round...I'm looking forward in seeing what it becomes.

Diane-crewe said...

what a lovely present xx check out making folded flying geese x so easy .. I find they come out good every time xx

Rachaeldaisy said...

Those geese are fun. I love the fabrics in your clamshells!!! In the Green Tea and Sweet Beans pattern do they give you techniques for sewing clamshells? There are so many different ways to sew them but this is what works for me. I cut out the shape from freezer paper , iron it onto the fabric , cut out your fabric leaving a quarter inch seam , then iron that seam under, that will give you a really nice crisp edge. sew the shape into place and then gently loosen the freezer paper and take it out. Also I find applique pins really useful for holding things in place when sewing.

Anonymous said...

You have done more chamshells, well done they look great, keep going….Linda xxx