Saturday, October 5, 2013

Saturdays Scraps

Hi, I'm back!
Thank you to the ladies who offered some suggestions for my first medallion round, but I did do my own thing! Sorry!

Here she is:

So here she is with her sides done

And here she is, being pressed and prepared for her top and bottom!

And here she is carousing through the garden in her finery!

Now this is a picture of something else I have been doing for somebody!  No I can't tell  you who!

So this is where I am up to for this week. Join me below if you would like to share your scrappies with  us:


Sarah Lizzie said...

'Tis looking good Shaz!! Your garden's the perfect backdrop for your photo shoot!!

Anonymous said...

So sorry I keep forgetting to look at your blog. Everything is wonderful, love the dolly quilt, so very cute. You seem to have done a lot since we have seen you. We missed you yesterday but have a great break with Allan and the kids.
Love Linda xxxxx