Saturday, April 27, 2013

Saturdays Snapshots

Well finally  I am back with  Saturdays Snapshots !

All garden snaps of course, even though today I finished the top for my + and X quilt, I won't show it until it is backed and ready to go! Hopefully tomorrow!

Now, where was I:

We are very truly into Autumn now, and the garden is beginning to settle in for the Winter:-

Have taken the opportunity to do some work along the back of the house

You can see how the garden has grown in the background!  And the poor fish are still not back in there home under the fountain it still needs some paintwork and then they may have a chance to go home

The Bali Whirl frangipani is desperately trying to open its flowers before the winter cold hits

The succulents are settling down

Frangipanis in pots are out in the garden beds

the ferns are looking really great

The large ferns on the palms can barely be seen - time to chop back some fronds.

Hope you enjoyed Saturdays Snapshots - perhaps you would like to join in.  Just click below and lets share

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