Monday, February 4, 2013

Some Garden Catchup Work

Hi everyone, hope all is well.

Alan and I have been working hard in the garden these past couple of days - just trying to catch up on all those weeding and replanting things that have to be done.

Alan has been trimming back the bougainvillea's that grow along the side fence, and I have been re potting some plants.

No picture of Alan working, but here's the results of my re-potting:

The Hoya Carnosa looks better already - it had fallen off the wall a few months ago, so I had left it in it's broken pot, beside the back of the house.

When I went to get it this afternoon and prepare it for it's new home, it had grown all along the back of the house and sent down roots everywhere! So now it has been chopped back hard and re-potted into a basket, ready to hang in the Hut tomorrow.

here is the Hoya Australis, looking a little worse for wear at the moment, but I've no doubt it will b e a lot happier in it's new spot tomorrow!

Wrapped in the liner is another hoya, though I forget it's name at this time, and it was also potted up ready for tomorrow as well.

So all in all it was a productive day, as I also potted some basil and garlic chives into pots to have near the back door to the kitchen.  Didn't photograph those.

So not much quilting being done at the moment, though I do have to do some special things tomorrow.  Can't tell you about those things, until they are delivered though!

See you all later....

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