Sunday, February 10, 2013

After The Storms

The sun must shine! Isn't that what they say?
Well, the sun has shone and the garden has grown.

Just look at how the ginger has grown

and the canna lily also!

 Over the other side of the garden the Blood Lily has finished it's flowering

Even though the flower is gone, the leaves are now coming along well

My poor red frangipani has been pushed away from the fence by the wild winds that we had. It's OK though

Everything is looking so lush

and even in the hut, the hoyas are climbing up to the roof!

the black and the white bat plants are going beautifully - look at their lovely lush leaves!

The hoyas here are very happy!

Thought i would throw a pic of Priscilla in for fun


Funny Farm said...

Look at your little darling sunning herself. Dainty little girl. :-)
Jeanie Beanie xoxox

Anonymous said...

Gotta love Priscilla....xx