Tuesday, September 4, 2012

OUTCH!! Oh My Goodness!

I screamed as I had an accident in the kitchen yesterday!

I was putting this back in it's box, to go back into the cupboard where it lives:

My finger slipped somehow, and the slicer took a bit of skin and flesh off the back of my finger! It's taken a slab about 6cms x 4cms! and it's darn deep...
So now I am left with this:

It's great fun when I'm on Warfarin. Every time I go to the medical centre to have it dressed, they remove the old dressing and it starts to bleed madly again.
Looks like it will be a while before it heals, so in the meantime I am very carefully sewing only.
No crochet or knitting for me for a while!!
Tea and sympathy is required I think! Thank you! I'll be fine! Really I will!


Tanya said...

Oh My Goodness!!! what are we going to do with you...I think you have kicked 10 chinamen.
Hugs Tanya

Anonymous said...

Sharyn, Sharyn, Sharyn, what are we going to do with you......those things are so sharp......
Sounds like it will take some time to heal, just look after yourself better please....will we see you Thursday???? hopeso .....Linda x

Anonymous said...

Those things should come with a health warning on the box I think lol. Were you sliced or julienned?
See you tomorrow.
Love Jeanie Beanie xoxo

Bron said...

OOOOh not nice...take care and enjoy the slower pace for a while. x

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Ooooouuuuccchhh! Hope it heals quicker than expected. Gallons of tea and tons of sympathy.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about your accident.... Hope you heal quickly.

Thanks for commenting on my blog!!


Serena Lewis said...

OH, you poor thing!! Major OUCH!! It will be frustrating not being able to knit or crochet but at least you can sew albeit, very carefully. It will be quite sore for at least a week or two. You have my sympathy.

Enjoy your weekend,