Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Just a Quick Update

I thought you would like to know how well my finger is going - I am able to remove the dressing now to give some air to the wound - I'm so excited!!

Have been doing some crochet - I don't use my left index finger for that, and have to finish off a quilt binding by hand, before I show it to you.

I do have a quilt to show you though, it is my second latest finish from my Thursday morning sewing group.  Meet The Jungle:

If you look closely, you should see Miss Ellie's earrings - I haven't finished all the embellishing on this quilt yet, but I am doing it as the mood takes me and I've thought of something cute!
Accidentally took this pic of the back of The Jungle - you may as well see it as well!!!


Maria said...

The Jungle quilt looks great and I am pleased your finger is getting better....

Anonymous said...

Love this quilt, you have done a great job....glad the finger is on the mend.....some sun would be good on it also.....see you Thursday...Linda x

Anonymous said...

That is a fantastic quilt. So whimsical!Glad to hear your finger is a little better too.
Love Jeanie Beanie xoxox