Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Guess What We Found!!

Alan and I visited a local hardware store that has a garden section, yesterday, and I dawdled into their garden section, just for a quick look.

It's a BLACK Bat plant!!!

Looks exactly the same as the white bat plant, doesn't it?
But this one has black flowers!  We are so excited with this find.  Haven't yet planted either of them, might keep them both in pots , at least for this year.
It will be interesting when they both flower, won't it!!


Diane-crewe said...

dont know what they should look like!! However you are obviously excited ...so... will wait and see... and cheer like mad xxx

Janine Whitling said...

Aren't they beautiful? We bought a giant black bat plant a few years ago and it took so well that we've been able to give our family and friends a whole bunch of pups from it. Their flowers are so strange and yet so lovely. We've kept them in super big pots with deep saucers to keep water in them, and have them out of the direct sun but with good light, and lots of water but not drowned. They do really well.