Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Lots of "Stuff"

I thought you may like to see what I am up to at the moment  - in the sewing room that is!

Today I received my swap block from my Swap Blocks Australia partner, Kay.  A lovely little house block:

Isn't it cute!

I am currently working on a few things - Tunisian crochet to start.  Do you know how to do this crochet?  It is really interesting and I have wanted to learn since last year, so I read all the stuff online, books and bought the needles and I just could not get the hang of it!  So yesterday I went online and checked out You Tube, and watched some videos, so now I think I know all about it!! 

I obviously learn by looking, and this is what I'm doing:

Remember I'm a beginner now:

Doesn't look like much does it? Maybe you will see it better if you click on the picture.
I'm real proud of myself!

I'm also crocheting a new shawl - I gave up on the last one, but this is much nicer:

I think this one is going to be much better.

I'm also doing some sewing and some embroidery, but I will show you that tomorrow night.  I think this is enough for tonight.

See you tomorrow.


Diane-crewe said...

looking good xx

Tanya @ wee little birds said...

Good luck with the crocheting...I have never heard of that style. Will be interested to see it in real life.

Anonymous said...

That looks fantastic. Inspires me to take on some new tasks.
Love Jeanie Beaniexoxox