Saturday, April 14, 2012

I Owe you an Apology

I am so very sorry that I had those awful words to be deciphered on the comments section!

I won't even leave a comment if I have to do that, because the letters are too hard to work out.  I usually email the blog owner and tell them that I didn't leave a comment because I couldn't read the words.

So now I discover that I am guilty of doing exactly the same thing, thank goodness my friend Tanya told me!

So now the words are gone and it's easier to comment.

Please accept my apology!


Diane-crewe said...

accepted lol x

Anonymous said...

Glad you very able to fix it.....Linda x

Maria said...

Oh I agree it is hard to read those words...
thanks for getting rid of them Shaz.

Rhonda said...

I think people use them to try to limit spam on their site but if it isn't a problem then it is nice to not have to try to read them. Just found your blog recently and am enjoying reading through it!