Friday, September 16, 2011

Time for some Garden Pics

Gardening is something that A and I both enjoy a lot, and here are some nice pics, just of what we have done in the past 12 months:

Here is the Ginger Garden, beside the new Bali Hut.

Another view of the Ginger Garden, actually from Hut.  There are Gingers, bromeliads, ferns, aspidastras, walking iris, and assorted ground covers, all backed by a beautiful large red bottlebrush tree and palms.

Here is a view of one of our favourite Day Lillies flowering last Summer. Unfortunately I have lost it's name tag.

Here are some favourite pics of our dogs - the "Kids" as we call them:

Here's Priscilla, wearing what all gorgeous poodles wear during the Winter in Queensland.  And posing beautifully too, I might add!!!

And here is our big boy Tommy, keeping warm in red!!!

In this picture you can see the bali Hut from the far side of the garden, surrounded by planting.

So there are just a few for now, I'll have to work hard on the albums on the computer so that I know what is what when I try to upload the pics.  I'm learning something new every time here with Blogger!

So bye for now, will be back soon


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