Friday, September 16, 2011

Some Recent Travel

I have discovered a love of travel lately, and have just returned from Bali in July.  Caught some great pics - there's a few here, so be prepared

The Monkey Temple

Offerings to the Monkey God

The monkeys in the Monkey Gardens at Ubud are extremely tame, and will bring their babies to you , though I think they have learned that it will get more food. 

The fellow in front of the orb is actually fast asleep!!

While we were in Ubud, a relative of the "King" had passed away and was cremated this day.  This is a part of the funeral procession which passed down the main street of town.  Hundreds of people walked, carrying food and drink for the festivities that followed.

 We were allowed to enter this beautiful Hindu Temple, we had to wear a sarong over our clothing and could wander through the courtyards and view the buildings. I love the architecture which is so ancient.

I could have stayed for hours....

We stayed for quite a while, but even I had to admit that the sun was getting unbearable, so we had to leave.

The Memorial at Kuta, in the spot where the Sari Club once stood.  It is a fitting memorial, and makes you feel so sad.

Well thats just a few pics from Bali, there will be more!!

So bye for now

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