Saturday, September 24, 2011

September Quilt Finishes

I've had a busy time this month, finishing 2 quite large snuggle quilts, one for my good friend Joan, whose birthday was early this month, and one for Alan's granddaughter who turned 15 and lives interstate.

So it was full steam ahead to finish the both of them in time, which I'm pleased that I did.

Here I am with my friend Joan, in our library room with the quilt I made her for her birthday.  The colours are not true on this quilt, and I've realized that with this picture it is the light in the room, which is  a leadlight with a golden colour in it. So it has made the quilt look quite yellowish, it's really quite vibrant, but you'll just have to believe that !!

Whilst we are looking at this may I say "No I am certainly not pregnant!!"  I don't know how I managed to give myself that big belly, must have been the way I was standing.  You'll have to believe me on that too!!

Here is a lovely view of Mel's quilt, with Alan standing behind it, his hands look cute, don't they...

And here's another one of Mel's quilt artistically arranged on a chair out in the hut. 

So that's this post, I've go to now get the garden pictures ready for another entry.  Be right back...

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