Sunday, February 7, 2016

Word Photo Challenge 2016 - Week 1

Welcome my friends to the first week of our Word Photo Challenge for 2016, I am very pleased that you are joining in!!

So, i was thinking to myself, "Now, what is red that I can take a photo of?" and I realised that the hotplate burns red when it is turned on, so that silly people (we won't mention who) don't stick their hands on it when it is hot!

So here it is:

My hotplate that glows red and bites!! I thought that the nasty thing was clean, but look at the crumbs!! Oh well, it's too late now...

So, join in now by filling in my Mr Linky below, and then we can all see your photo of red!

If you are just passing through, join in below and we can all visit your blog as well!

See you tomorrow evening for the next weeks word.

Take care


kiwikid said...

My cook top does the same thing...very helpful!!!

Janet said...

Quite the red glow! It looks like yours even tells you how hot it is.