Sunday, October 18, 2015

A Very Quick Update

 Sorry I haven't been around much, the old crochet hook has been flying and nothing else sort of happens!!

A few lttle pics of the garden today - I thought you may like to see:-

In the hut, the Hoya Carnosa has 10 bunches of flowers already, these are the closest to opening.

Hoya Hawaiian has 3 large bunches hanging under the roof. This is the largest.

Here are the other 2, hiding between the rafters.

The Lilliums are flowering well

They look so nice amongst all the other plants here.

A closer photograph.

I do love the colour of this bouganvillea!

The Lemon tree is doping well. My poor little monk needs a sunhat!

The double flowering frangipani has some flower buds 

The red frangipani has buds and leaves, you have to bend your nuck to look up to the top branches now!

Oh Horror of Horrors, our water pump for the fountain has turned up its toes, and we have yet to buy a new one.  Luckily the goldfish are only carp after all, so they can live without aeration for a while!!

That's the interesting bits in the garden for now, I will show you the crochet work when I take some photographs tomorrow!

Take Care


Diane-crewe said...

.. oh! Hope he fish are still OK xx Lovely to see some colour in your garden .. we are enjoying the wonderful reds/oranges and reds of Autumn here x

Rachaeldaisy said...

You have such a wonderful garden, it always seems to have something exotic in bloom. I love the red and white stripey hippeastrums.