Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Some Garden Pics for You

I thought today that it has been so very long since I showed you what is happening in our back garden, I decided to take a few pics so you wouldn't feel left out!!

We shall start at the side of the garden, the site of massive pruning back and removal of one very naughty tree not long ago, as I showed you HERE. That was in April just passed, and here is how things are looking in that area now, after a long cold winter:

So, here we are, entering the garden from the side path, the cycads are doing very well, and the large one that you see here, has a cone beginning in the centre.

a step further along is a paved area, with geraniums, desert rose and some bulbs in pots. A draceana grows in a pot behind, and on the fence there is some wire, and a lovely variegated bouganvillea is planted there. It has white flowers edged in pink - very pretty.

The bromeliads growing up the tall palm are going really well!

Here we are, on the other side of the tall palm. This is the spot where the nuisance tree grew previously, Little red riding hood grows in the hanging basket, a native vine on the fence, and a little shrub that I have just planted in the front, it has pretty pink flowers, and doesn't grow too tall. The red frangipani is just beginning to grow its new leaves on the right. Hopefully it will be a lot happier now, without the tree over shadowing it!

To your right, here is the middle garden with my Eureka Lemon tree growing well.  The monk faces Buddha in the back corner.

The back left hand corner of the garden, bromeliads and palms, all very happy after a shower of rain last night.

The middle garden fromn the Bali Hut side. The triangle palm behind the bird bath is finally putting on some growth - it has been there for so many years, its about time!!

Here you can see the garden from the back opf the house.

Those two pics were the orchids behind the Bali Hut, all flowering madly. 

The Bat Plants have certainly put on some growth since flowering last - we are wondedring how many flowers they will comer up with this time!  Somef have self sown into the garden around their pots, which is lovely.

I have just potted up these two lovely frangipanis, at the back of the main bedroom. Hope they get enough sun here, I may have to move them later on when summer really hits, because they love the hot sun.

I hope you enjoyed that little look around the garden, everything is just waiting for the Summer so they can roar into life!

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Rachaeldaisy said...

You know I always love seeing your tropical jungle garden!