Tuesday, April 21, 2015

An Autumn Spring Clean

Well, so here I am, unable to find what I want in my sewing room, so what do I decide to do yesterday? A big clean up-out-rearrange and everything of the dreaded sewing room.

I have found things that I had forgotten I owned!

I'll let the pictures tell the story - please bear in mind that the room was unenterable (is that really a word?) and nothing was where it should have been, because I never put anything back in the right spot when I had used it, or finished with it or anything!

In short, it was my nightmare from hell.

I did not take any before shots, because it was too shameful! You may recall that my sewing table was directly in front of the sewing room door - maybe. Well, you couldn't see the sewing machine, because all the "stuff" was piled high on the table and threatened to fall over and smother me if I dare to walk into the room.

Of course, I can't just "show" you the pictures, I have to talk you through them, and try to explain.

So here: -

So above is the view through the sewing room door - I have moved the sewing table to the back of the room, into the position that the bookcase used to be in, and the bookcase is now along the right side wall under the shelf.

"Stuff" litters the floor.

In the doorway looking left are the cupboards that store "stuff".

"Stuff" in front of the cupboards. Includes all the books from the bookcase - otherwise I couldn't have moved it!

I'm thinking that there may be a give away or two in this, as I sort through my quilting books and thin the bulk.  Stay tuned for it!!

This bookcase, for what it's worth, will soon harbour my yarn collection, so that I can see what I have without rummaging through the cupboard.

Looking toward the door from the sewing table, the wardrobe can now be utilsed for storage (where the table was before shut the door to the wardrobe off, so it couldn't be used. Silly, but the room is very small.  See my scrap basket in the hallway?

All the "stuff" on this shelf will soon be stored away in the wardrobe, making room for some "girly" touches, I hope.  Sorry the picture is a bit blurred, I was so exhausted by this stage, I could barely hold the camera straight!

Oops! Crooked sign - never mind.  Here's the queen bed covered with "stuff" from the sewing room!

I am being totally ruthless, and throwing out anything that will not be used within 12 months or so.  All those tiny scraps that I was going to use are gone. I won't use them soon so they are history.
Like I said "ruthless"

That's it for this, more to follow.

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Rachaeldaisy said...

Good on you for doing a spring clean of your sewing room.You're doing a great job with it. Mine's due for a good tidy up soon. Things just pile up don't they.