Sunday, November 2, 2014

A Garden Update

Hallo again, my friends.

Thought you might like to see what is happening today in the garden.  Our Winter is over, we have had no rain for about 12 weeks ( to speak of) and the wind is terrible!  I'm sure that it blows the rain away, so consequently, not many flowers are lasting long.

We have used up all our tank water on the garden, and now we are using town water - of course, we need to be a bit circumspect with the watering now, as water ain't cheap!! ( remember the days when you were little, and you used to play under the sprinkler in the back garden on the lawn? Doesn't happen any more - not here anyhows!!!)

So, here's a few pics that I took this afternoon in the back garden:

Only the tough are surviving at this time, and this cactussy plant is tough! It fell, in it's pot, off the back wall, and this is where it has stayed!

My beautiful red frangipani, tough ads old boots!

Plumbago, it doesn't mind the hot wind!

These never stop flowering, regardless of wind, rain or lack of it!

The poor old self seeded ferns on t he wedding palm, need refreshing water every day, and of course they get it!

The back of the centre garden is watered regularly, it's doing well even though being over run bu wandering jew!

So here is our new sitting area, on the far side of the centre garden.  Will be lovely in the Winter, to sit here closer to the garden.  Of course, It has been far too hot for Alan to finish the paving properly so that will have to wait now, for the end of the hot weather.  We can still use it!

This area is beside the new seating spot - the plants have not been put in the ground yet - I think some of them will stay in pots - like the lavender, it hates the heavy soil in this garden, and dies when it rains! So it will be pot life for it!!

Well, that's how the garden is doing at the moment, we are surviving, the toughest are anyhows, and waiting on some good rain to appear!

Hope you enjoyed the little look!!


Rachaeldaisy said...

I always enjoy seeing what's flowering in your garden. That red frangipani is especially lovely!

kiwikid said...

Your garden is beautiful! I would love to be sitting out enjoying it!