Sunday, November 16, 2014

52 Weeks Word Photo Challenge

Welcome back to the weeks photo showing! It has been a very long week here - we have had temperatures from 36 to 41 degrees celcius over this past week - the hottest was today at 41 in our back garden!

41 degrees Celcius is equivalent to 105.8 Farenheit - I just looked that up for you! It's not even Summer yet!!  Goodness knows what that will bring...

So, enough of that, even though my picture relates to it :-

All activity in the garden has been cut out today, due to the incredible heat we are having.   It is impossible to venture outside, we have spent the day inside the house with the air conditioning on cool!  The poor garden is suffering - Alan has put the water sprinkler on to give everyone a drink because there has been no rain - it is supposed to arrive Tuesday, if we are lucky, until then it is dry and HOT.

So sign on below and let's see your "cut"


Rachaeldaisy said...

Lol, I thought you were going to show a picture of a cut flower but once again you found a different angle to use to show the theme word. It has be hot here too, though not as hot as where you are.

kiwikid said...

Oh boy I would stay inside too when it is that hot!!!!!

Funny Farm said...

It certainly wasn't a day for the garden with that heat. I would have hibernated inside too lol.