Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Spring Has Sprung!

2nd Day of Spring! and also the hottest day we have had here since last Summer!!

"And what were you doing? "  you might ask.

And I would answer "Why, gardening, of course!!"  How stupid are we? No, don't answer that!

But here are a few garden pics of what we have done today (in 29 degree heat also!!)(hot and sweaty and dirty and and...

Here we go :-

So this view is to show what an absolute mess we are in at the moment! We are moving all the furniture around in the hut, because I need to get to the surrounding gardens and give them a big clean up.  Alan also is going to oil the decking and give the hut a good spruce up for Summer.

Here is the poor old fish pond - needs some TLC also, but i have planted up these lovely geraniums to sit around it!

View of the garden we are working in - some new ferns and bromeliads planted. and a good watering to settle everybody in.

Wedding Palm needs some of these ferns removed and put onto boards, before they fall off and get eaten by the hungry bromeliads below!!

Our young stag fern is beginning to sprout some more fronds - he should grow really fast this year.  Hope we never need to replace the fence 'cos it ain't gonna happen!!

All in all, we did have a very productive day in the garden today even though I nearly melted!  Hopefully everything will be ship shape for Summer, though I do hope we get some more cooler weather between now and then!

Our hut is really taking a beating this Spring, as we have a pair of Turtle Doves nesting inside the foliage of our Golden Cane Palm, and each morning they come out and sit in the hut and do their birdy business! I suppose we can live with it, but boy, do they make a mess!

hope everyone is well, have a good week and take care


Diane-crewe said...

it all looks so lush xx I have been planting daffodils and getting the garden ready for the .. fast approaching .. winter xx

Rachaeldaisy said...

Oh I just LOVE your garden!!! All those wonderful bromeliads and palms. I have a mixed weed garden.

Funny Farm said...

Ha ha nothing like a birdie calling card. The bromeliads look beautiful Shaz. J xo