Saturday, August 16, 2014

Garden Update

Alan and I have been working very hard these past few weeks, out in the back garden.  Destroying weeds and getting everybody ready for the rain that was coming, but didn't arrive until today! Fabulous stuff, rain!

Replanted some lovely plants and here's just a few photographs of what we managed to get done:-

Last Saturday, Alan trimmed back hibiscus and other shrubs, and he then mulched them all into the wheelbarrow and Aaron wheeled them to the garden and deposited them where i needed.

This is the side of the centre garden that faces the bali hut, where I have planted a frangipani and some bromeliads near the buddha bowl.  The fern in the pot to the right will be planted in the centre of the patch later, once it is all weeded and mulched.

This side of the garden faces the back fence, where the ferns are growing over the wedding palm trunk (if you remember).  I planted dracaena cuttings and bromeliads ( got tons of those all over the garden).

More bromeliads waiting to be planted

You may notice that the agave that was flowering has been removed - it died as it flowered and we decided that enough was enough, so now there is a trio of pandanus trees planted instead of it - I can't wait for those to grow 

These old red geraniums were planted beside the blue pot holding the frangipani in the previous picture - the red flowers will look stunning against the blue pot!

So lots has been done, but more to go, and now that it is raining finally, the new additions should put on some good growth!

See you tomorrow!


Diane-crewe said...

it is such fun to see other peoples gardens .. esp. in other countries .. and to see plants that we only see as "exotics" growing in an ordinary garden x The hard work is worth it x

kiwikid said...

Great to see your garden - as Diane says it is wonderful to see plants.exotic ones.. we can't grow here in Victoria.

Funny Farm said...

Its so lovely to get out in the garden. Yours always looks so nice.