Sunday, August 10, 2014

52 Weeks Word Photo Challenge

Welcome back, my friends, I do hope that you have all had a great week!

So today is show n tell for our "lights" and I actually have 2 photographs to show you this evening. One just was not enough! So you can take your pick!

No 1_

I happen to love leadlights! This top one is over our dining room table, and I do love it's colours!

This one hangs in our front room, everyone has had to be aware of it, so that they didn't hit their head on the points!
 They both are  about to break off the roof and probably take some plaster with them - they have been up for 10 years or more!  So it is time now to go and search for replacements.  I really hate searching for light fittings, either they are horrid and cheap or fabulous and far too expensive - there is never a middle road!

I think I will use these leadlights as table lights when they are finally taken down, I can't possibly part with them!

So now it is your turn to show us your "lights"! Sign on below and share:-

See you tomorrow night for next weeks word, and once I sort out all the photographs, I have some lovely garden pictures to show you!  We have been working hard here!!

Ooops, almost forgot! Aaron and I went to the pictures and saw "Defenders of the Universe" last night!  No comment!


Moose-ings said...

love your lights!

Janet said...

I adore your lights! So lovely. I had the privilege of going to an exhibit of Tiffany's work once - he was the person who started to make and sell stained glass lights etc. in a way that made them affordable to the average person. It was fantastic!

Janet said...

Oh by the way once again your comments to me are coming from NO Reply....