Saturday, April 19, 2014

Orphan Quilt No. 1 Progress

Well, as promised yesterday, here is the progress I have made on this quilt.

It's not much I'm afraid. Alan and I laid the quilt out for me to baste it, and it was just such a monster job that I decided just to start at one end and work my way slowly to the other , without basting!  So far it's going okay

Here I am at the beginning, I think I'm on the second or third row of stitching here.
I have started on the right side of the quilt and am heading to the left side, or as far as I can go towards the left side, I tried to start in the middle, but the rolled quilt would not fit under the machine throat!

This is after about 6 rows. It is really quite simple at the moment, so keep everything straight as the old sheet i am using as backing is quite good to pull as I go, to stop it from creasing.  This is the centre of the right side

Here is the bottom edge of the right side - so far so good!  Poor old Jan was running quite hot by this stage - the quilt is quite thick in some spots - so I turned her off to let her rest!
Hopefully I will manage to get a lot more done tomorrow!

So that is where I am at, hope you are all ready for our picture show tomorrow evening!

See you here then! Have a nice Sunday - it's Easter Sunday here tomorrow.


kiwikid said...

Looks amazing and you are doing really well getting that through the machine! Still think it looks like a really happy quilt!

Rachaeldaisy said...

What a fun quilt! And youre doing well getting it quilted on your machine. I hate basting too and had never thought of just going ahead and quilting without basting, it looks fine though.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sharyn
been a long time since I visited, so sorry...I just forget. Your quilt looks great but yes it is a pain to quilt the big ones, keep going you will feel wonderful when it's done. Look forward to seeing it next week.
Hope all is well with you and Allan of course.
Linda xxx