Friday, April 18, 2014

Help for my Orphans

Lately I have been quite out of sorts with my sewing, feeling that I had lost my mojo and simply could not get on top of things.  Lack of "the necessary" to buy batting and things was really getting on top of me!

So yesterday I was sorting through my linen cupboard, and came across this old bought bed quilt which was threadbare and torn. All the stuffing inside it was lumpy and, really, it was good for nothing. I was about to throw it out when

I had this brilliant light flash in my head!!

What if I grabbed all my orphan blocks, orphan quilt tops, bits and pieces, and made a new quilt out of it all, using this old thing as batting, along with an old sheet for backing!!??

So, with great purpose, I set about pulling all my orphan blocks, all the orphan tops, all the bit 'n' pieces out of my sewing room in the house, and out to my sewing room on the side patio.

I used my bed as a flat surface, to place the bits on top of the old bed quilt, and set about sewing them all together.

Well, I have enough orphan bits to make at least four quilts from, so this is a real challenge!

Here's some pics from today:-

Here is the orphans quilt, waiting on it's final border to bring it up to 79" x 85".

Sewing all the pieces together for the final border

Attaching the final border to the quilt.

This quilt will be too heavy for me to handle to bast, so I will have to get Alan to help me tomorrow, so that I can start the quilting on it - somehow I think it will be just straight line quilting because it is just to big and I don't know how easy it will go under the machine foot! I'll find out tomorrow!!

I have included in this top some blocks from an old swap in 2009! That's why I have so many orphans!!

I'm really excited about finishing this quilt, it will be so colourful and fun to look at.

Hopefully, my mojo will return now, and i can finish the puff quilt for Alan's seat, start some blocks for my friends wedding quilt, and sew some baby quilts for Alans great grand daughter, due to be born at the end of May!! 

I'll show you how I'm going with this tomorrow.
Have a nice day.


Diane-crewe said...

looks like a wonderful project x and how much better that your blocks come out to play rather than being in a cupboard somewhere x

kiwikid said...

What a fantastic idea! Great to use up blocks that would otherwise be sitting in a cupboard somewhere. Very creative of you!! And it looks really colourful - a real happy quilt!