Friday, May 10, 2013

This Week

I've  got my ipod on as I write this post, occasionally I have to stop and play the piano along with Jackson Browne, or sing along with Van Morrison and Rod Stewart and other favourites I also play drums!

So bear with me, we may take a while!!

We have been very busy this past week:

The fish are finally back in their home! They are so so happy again!

Flowers are starting to bud up for the cooler weather

This gorgeous little orchid raised it's head and smiled!

This coleus is so gleaming red! Of course you can't see the weeds can you?

I've been doing some sewing - I am making 5 of my gypsy bags for daughters and grand daughters!

See the bag under the pillow? It's FULL of scraps!! I told you I had a lot! ( and there's still more - but i'm not showing!!) 

I'm making a pillow cover  out of these spare parts

the bags are all assembled for the outside, now i do need to buy some metres for the linings - I was going to scrap it all but I just don't have time, I don't think.


Karen Read said...

Hi Shaz! Thankyou for popping by and your lovely comments! Lovely of you to nominate me for an award. I could not click on the link that you sent, so not sure what to do? I am now following your lovely blog and am going to have a good old nosey round! I too have a huge fabric stash. I lost all my photos on my blog a while ago so Iam almost starting out again! Lovely to meet you! Sounds like you are a busy bee too. Karen x

Diane-crewe said...

garden looking good x glad to see some sewing got done... NOT showing my scap box!! lol x