Saturday, May 25, 2013

Saturday Snapshots

isn't happening today!

We are packing  our suitcases, and filling the car with all that stuff that we all need to travel with, and setting off in the morning for a trip down to country New South Wales.

Our dear friend is going to live in our home and take care of the dogs and the fish for us - we are lucky to have friends like that, makes it a lot easier to plan things!

I am taking the cameras with us as well as the laptop, and will post while we are travelling. I'm sure you would love to see the countryside.

I have 3 gypsy bags made and scarves and all sorts to take along with us for family!

So I will be back when I can. Be good.....

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Anonymous said...

Happy Holiday Sharyn, enjoy your trip, will check again in a couple of days for any updates you post. We will catch up as soon as you get back.....take care of each other and drive carefully.....Linda xxx