Saturday, March 16, 2013

Saturday Snapshots

Welcome back to Saturday Snapshots. Glad to see you!

Well, we have had a very exciting day today - the fishpond has been leaking, so we finally got around to removing all the bits, and our friend lifted out all fountain, and we will paint it with waterproof paint, hopefully tomorrow.

the tank/fountain all taken apart.   What fun it was catching all the fish!

This is where our poor babies have to live until their home is repaired.   Have to protect them against birds, hence the cover.

They were in shock for so long! They finally venture out to eat

Tommy has always been frightened of the fish, he can't work out how they survive and jumps backwards each time they move

Priscilla and Tommy got bored, so went cane toad hunting.

join in with your snapshots for the week, and lets make it a happening thing!

PS - Who can see what is wrong with the quilt from yesterday??


Diane-crewe said...

poorfish x dogs look as if they are having fun x cant see a problem with the quilt! x

Bron said...

wow that is a big job to do...hope the fish stay happy. xx