Monday, May 21, 2012

Time for a Look at the Garden!

Well it is time for a look at our garden, now that summer is over, and we are rushing towards Winter, the garden is beginning to settle in for a sleep. Don’t forget to click on the pictures to get a better view!
Our days have been so pleasant – this time of the year here is beautiful during the day but freezing cold at night.  Alan and I have been pottering around a bit, and Di is back to help us fix those pesky weeds that tried to smother everyone through the summer…
See the long shadows from the house to the back fence? Even though the days are beautiful, they are short – by 5.00pm it is almost dark  and cold!
A newly weeded area with bromeliads
Do you see in the middle of this garden, there is a plant with large heart shaped leaves?  It is supposed to be a giant strelitzia!  Should be upwards of 6 feet tall by now – I guess it dislikes water around it’s feet!  Oops! Thats me!!
You can see the shadows again in this pic – weeding hasn’t begun here yet.
My blue buddha under the red frangipani – we only see him in the cold weather!
Ferns newly potted
New begonia getting acclimatised.
Here we have tied a “dancing lady” orchid to the palm to grow.

I hope you enjoyed your look around the garden  - hopefully we will have some flowering through the winter to show you also!

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Anonymous said...

An ongoing labour of love. It's all looking beautiful. Who would know we were coming into winter.
Love Jeanie Beaniexoxo