Thursday, May 24, 2012

Just a Peek!

Half square triangles, 6” square, zillions of them!


Points just don’t matter on this one!  Truly, it’s the last thing anyone would notice!  I do love half square triangles, they are such fun.  Do you use them much? I definitely will use them again soon.


Some gorgeous favourite fabrics in this.  Should be complete within two weeks I hope, and on it’s way south for the birthday

Sorry I can’t show any more of it, you will have to wait till it’s posted and received!


Anonymous said...

Wow you have been so busy. Can't wait to see the finished product. Keep up the good work. Love Jeanie Beanie xoxo

Anonymous said...

Sharyn, didn't you and Elizabeth tell me points are important on Thursday???? I am a bit over that quilt but will have to keep going will see it hopefully on Thursday......have a warm weekend...Linda xx